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We are storytelling animals.

Stories, of course, play a central role in the lives of our students. As children grow through our Montessori program, stories are the catalysts that ignite students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for complex intellectual topics. They also empower students to learn about and from each other by illuminating the interconnections in our experiences.

Please join us in celebrating our stories by sharing your conversation with a loved one in person through the StoryCorps App or virtually through StoryCorps Connect. We can’t wait to hear from you!

The App or web-platform will walk you through the process:

  1. Invite your loved one for a conversation

  2. Download the StoryCorps App for an in-person conversation or Login to StoryCorps Connect to record your conversation virtually

  3. Record the conversation

  4. Save the interview

  5. Share your interview with MMS by sending us the link of your saved interview

Optional: If interested, share your story with the StoryCorps Archive at the Library of Congress

We hope that by using Story Corps to capture our community's stories and memories we will all learn from one another and grow in appreciation for the rich diversity within our community.

We look forward to listening, sharing, and celebrating your stories! 

We're not alone in our belief in storytelling as a tool for connection and transformation. The Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation has also launched an effort to capture and share stories from their community. We urge you to click on the image below and take some time to listen to these voices.