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Victoria and Sean

Dulce de leche ice cream, Sunday family asados, horseback riding lessons in the basement of her Buenos Aires apartment: these are the memories formed during Victoria's childhood in Argentina.

It's important to us as parents that both of our children experience that culture during our annual visits to South America, spending time with Victoria's mother and cousins.

We're already planning a return trip to Patagonia for a family reunion next December after travel restrictions are lifted. Patagonia will be an opportunity to share our other great loves: traveling and experiencing nature.

We spent our honeymoon in a camper van exploring the south island of New Zealand. Stick shift + driving on the left side + RV = a white-knuckled few weeks! Max's first plane flight at 3 months old was to Fernando de Noronha, a tiny island nature preserve off the northern coast of Brazil where everyone gets around by dune buggy. Fairly certain we brought the only infant car seat to the island.

This love of nature also prompted our move to Larkspur after two decades of living in just about every neighborhood in San Francisco. Getting out on the Marin hiking trails is a weekend necessity and helps us decompress from the busy work week. We recently took Elle and Max to the Matt Davis Trail on Mt. Tam to show them the spot where we got engaged 10 years prior. We feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by nature. It's been a true silver lining to working from home the past year.

Sean and Victoria, pictured at Muir Beach with their children. Sean is in brand marketing, and Victoria in policy and comms for two Bay Area tech companies.