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Stacey and Ryan

Ryan was born and raised in New Jersey and went to college at Colgate. After college he drove west with buddies and never looked back. 

Stacey was born and raised in the Bay Area, and after attending graduate school in London and New York, she moved back to the Bay to start her career. Stacey and Ryan are both lawyers, and met practicing law.  Ryan had two great boys from a previous marriage - Quinn and Jordan. We all moved to Sausalito in 2015, and migrated further north to Corte Madera a couple of years ago. Skylar Grace joined our family in 2018, and we have a baby boy on the way this fall.  (Surprise!)

Our family loves being active, traveling, and having adventures near and far.  Skylar’s brothers attend Marin Academy where Quinn - a Sophomore - plays lacrosse and basketball, and Jordan - a Freshman - plays lacrosse and soccer.  Ryan grew up playing ice hockey and we are all big hockey fans.  We love skiing (well, Stacey is learning to love skiing), and family hikes around Marin and beyond.  Skylar adores her big brothers and loves playing with them and participating in family workout.  We have a sweet rescue French bulldog named Violet who is special needs and full of love.  

We feel very thankful to be able to send Skylar to such an amazing school and we are so looking forward to spending more time with the Marin Montessori community in the post-Covid days.  Everyone in our family has attended Montessori school and we are firm believers in the value of a Montessori education.  Watching the community come together to support each other over the past year has been inspiring.  We are thrilled that Sky is growing and learning in such a caring and inclusive community.