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Mai and Gabor

Hi MMS families! We are the Nagy family: Gabor, Mai, and Haruki (in the Burrowing Owl Class), living in Corte Madera near the school. This is our fourth year at MMS.

Gabor was born in Hungary and Mai is from Japan–we met in Osaka while Gabor was working on his Ph.D. and Mai was doing her residency at Red Cross. After living and working in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Michigan, and Toronto, we moved to the Bay Area 12 years ago.

While Haruki was born in San Francisco, he spent his first year in Tokyo and Singapore where our work took us. Haruki learned to walk in Tokyo, and he started nursery (for a few hours a day) when he was one. After moving back to the Bay Area, Haruki was in a small daycare before starting at MMS in the Quail Class where he spent three years before moving up to Burrowing Owl last September.

We are raising Haruki trilingual: he is fluent in English, Japanese, and Hungarian. Before the pandemic, Haruki enjoyed swimming, Capoeira, and gymnastics, which we hope to resume soon. Haruki and Gabor started to take piano lessons over a year ago and Haruki has been enjoying playing a lot of Blues songs. He also enjoys reading, riding his bike, and playing chess. Oh, and of course Legos. Lots of Legos! We used to travel a lot, visiting our families back in Hungary and in Japan, as well as visiting other countries (mostly in Europe) and can't wait to resume that, too.

 We are huge believers in Montessori education and very grateful that Haruki can go to such an amazing school. He truly loves every moment of it and has made huge progress, especially recently in reading. It brings joy to us to see him starting to do his (self-generated) "homework" as soon as he gets home–he writes and illustrates storybooks and reads, without us telling him to do so. We believe the biggest gift we, and the school, are giving him is a lifelong love of learning.