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Kenneth and Higor

When you first meet our family, it may not seem obvious that our respective roots are spread 18,000 miles from each other.

As you step foot into our home, the Brazilian and Hong Kong culture are sprinkled all over. From the fresh cheese bread we bake to the delicious dim-sum we enjoy, our family is immersed in an environment that fully embraces our roots and ultimately connects us with the American culture that binds us all together.

Early last year, our family made a trip to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year to visit Maxwell's grandparents from Kenneth's side. He met with his extended family during a festive time of celebration and tradition. We felt fortunate to have him experience first-hand the exquisite temples and gourmet food that are world-famous.

A year before that we went on a similar trip to Brazil where Maxwell, for the first time, met with his 96-year-old great-grandfather from Higor's side. The Carnival-like get-togethers, delicious fresh fruits, and lots of sunshine made the trip ever more enjoyable.

Our family is fortunate to share our background with those around us while learning from the different experiences of those in our community. In an environment like this, Maxwell can benefit from multiple perspectives that are needed to navigate an increasingly complex world. We are certain that kindness, compassion, and open-mindedness can be shared and cross-pollinated in the Marin Montessori community that we are proud to be part of.