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Doris and Andy

Chelsea Shieh was born in Washington DC.  Chelsea has loved to write stories and doodle pictures ever since the age of 7. Her love of art and writing inspired her to make books.

Her first book she made was called Leni and the Trading Club Adventures. She continues her love for making books! 

Chloe Ting Shieh was also born in Washington DC. Chloe has been inspired by her mom and aunt to love art. She loves to draw and write new books with her sister and mom. 

Doris Ting and Andy Shieh were born in Taipei, Taiwan. Their paths joined in New York City. That jointed path has extended through multiple coast-hopping (NY -> CA -> DC -> CA), while merrily being expanded by Chelsea and Chloe's arrivals along the way. Outside work, Doris is best known for her culinary passions, especially baking, and least known for her basketball dribbling skills. Andy is perhaps best known as Doris' husband, and least known for pretty much everything else. With mixed emotions, the Shieh family is planning on a continent hop this summer back to Taiwan to spend more time with their extended families.