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Blythe and Mark

One of our most important family values is creativity and creative expression.

We truly believe that everyone has a unique point of view and the world needs more original thinking and innovation and we have tried to foster that at home. We have a room dedicated to 'making' with lots of found materials and on any given morning the kids spend time inventing contraptions and making art.

The reason that we love Marin Montessori Junior High is it continues the Montessori tradition of self-directed project based learning where the kids can follow a deep interest and creatively investigate topics. Our daughter Olive comes home every day and does homework with zero reminders because she is so engaged in the topics and the process of learning. We love the opportunity for hands on investigation on the farm and through personal odyssey projects. 

MMS has kept the 'light' on for Olive and she continued to approach learning with curiosity and wonder. We are so grateful to the incredible teaching staff and the MMS community.