MMS Stories

We learn from each other when we listen to one another. 

In an ongoing project, we're collecting stories from MMS families that briefly capture their journeys, traditions, and reflections. We invite you to peruse these stories to learn more about the dynamic and varied experiences within our MMS community. And if you're up for it, we'd love to hear yours

Deepa and Kunal


We believe in kindness, honesty, and hard work."

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Mika and Dan


It is our belief that...having a strong sense of independence and courage, leads to overall self-fulfillment and happiness."

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Niamh and Gabe


We hope to give Finn the education, joy, and humility that travel brings."

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Alice's and Ben's Grandfather


Life growing up in Taiwan is very difficult. You two are both highly fortunate."

Listen to two Elementary students interview with their grandfather here

Ashley and Marshall


We value creativity in all forms."

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Rakesh and Meera


Our deep respect for education led us to our decision to pursue Montessori education..."

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Ronan's Grandfather


My school was just a regular school. I remember the playground more than the classroom. Isn't that funny?"

Listen to Ronan, an Elementary student, interview his grandfather here. 

Higor and Kenneth


Our family is fortunate to share our background...while learning from the different experiences in our community."

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NJ and Dedalus


As a multi-race family, we value the commitment to diversity at MMS."

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Christina Torres


My mom said, 'You will never regret being generous.'"

Listen to an interview with MMS alum Christina Torres here. 

Natasha and Marco


Our family carries on some Italian traditions, including a year-round vegetable garden... [and] cooking and eating LOTS of Italian food."

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Mai and Gabor


We believe the biggest gift we, and the school, are giving him is a lifelong love of learning."

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Blythe and Mark


We love the opportunity for hands on investigation on the farm and through personal odyssey projects."

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Victoria and Sean


We feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by nature."

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Doris and Andy


Outside work, Doris is best known for her culinary passions, especially baking, and least known for her basketball dribbling skills."

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Stacey and Ryan


Watching the community come together to support each other over the past year has been inspiring."

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