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The Gather for Good 2022

What a night.


On May 14, 2022, the MMS community gathered on Angel Island to celebrate The Power of Story while raising critical funds for our Tuition Assistance Program.


A Note from our Head of School

The Gather is more than our annual fundraiser: it is the moment we come together to enliven our values, celebrate our creativity and vision for the world, and join together as partners in making our life-changing education accessible to as many families and students as possible. Please take a moment to read the names listed below and rejoice in the overwhelming participation in and enthusiasm for Marin Montessori's mission. 

If you have ever wondered about the impact of your support for the Tuition Assistance Program, read on. If you've not yet donated to support Tuition Assistance, you can do so here.

"When I received news that there was Tuition Assistance available, it was a huge weight off my chest. This school means the world to me and my daughter. She loves the school and her friends, and we feel so fortunate to be able to come to this school, and if it wasn't for people donating…that wouldn't be possible."

"We are beyond thankful and forever grateful to have this opportunity, and it has made all the difference in the world for our child. As Maria Montessori said; 'Children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.'  Thank you to Marin Montessori for giving the "respect" to our children with the gift of this education."  

"We are not only grateful for the financial generosity but proud to be a part of this group of kind-hearted people…A heartfelt thank you from our family for allowing us to provide stability and comfort for our children to continue to grow and thrive in this community during these otherwise unpredictable times."

On behalf of the students and families whose lives you have touched, thank you. 

Sam Shapiro 
Head of School

Volunteer Honor Roll

Gather Co-Chairs

Lily Harrington
Kelly Lauber

Gather Volunteers

Talia & Nick Carter
Michelle & Kelly Coffey
Kim Berry
Aliyya Mattos
Kelsey & Matt Robinson
Joanna & Parker Hobson
Ashley Harris & Jon Fougner
Heidi Robinson & Tyler Rosengren
Allen Lott & Laura Pak
Felicia Ferguson
Travis Deuel
Kelly Mekonenn
Darrin Lim & Jim Wayand
Ina Von Wunsch & Dotto Ngongoseke
Chelsea Lindman
Jillian Hochstetler
Charlie Barraclough-Byron
Damien Carney
NJ Han
Nikki Tufts
Ian Chriss & Abigail Warwas
Amy & Jeff Gossett
Bill Solari
Marco Innocenti

Steve Hobson
Amy Brees
Kathryn Menge
Angela Webster
Holly Tate
Mika Street
Julia Toebben
Janet Barnes
Minnie Wales
Anahad O'Connor
Kate Cayanni
Dorlon & Dylan Simonds
Aurore Martinez & Mikael Audry
Sydney Overlie
Whitney Littman
Erin Flynn
Kate Larson
Nimisha Gandhi
Susie Park
Sara Modir
Jeannette Schar
Pia DeLeon
Heidi Newell
Kaitlin Van Acker
Greer Rivera
Trevor Woolf
Jackie Crown
Amy Soper
Robb Baer
Whitney Bardwick
Lissa Stephens

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors. Your partnership makes it possible for our entire community to participate in The Gather for Good and in the meaningful conversations about our shared humanity. It also plays an essential role in our quest to raise more than $250,000 for our Tuition Assistance Program.

Family Sponsors




Dorlon & Dylan Simonds
Pia DeLeon & William Chuang
Nicole Hollis and Lewis Heathcote
Theresa & Tom Preston-Werner
Amy Soper
Gita & Nick Stiritz
Aarti Jesrani & Deap Ubhi
Kelly & Martin Lauber
Sarah Labieniec & Ryan Meis
Susan & Doug Aley
Courtney & Greg Smith
Angela Webster
Lisa & Colin le Duc
Legare & Todd Speece
Allison & Bobby Bassman
Charlie Barraclough & Jack Byron
Karolin & Mark Phillips
Erin & Patrick Flynn
Allyson Peracca & Michael Strohl
Talia & Nick Carter
Mika Street & Dan Gluck
Madison & Andre DeRussy
Kelli & Chase Fontaine
Joanna & Parker Hobson
Kim & Marcus Berry
Christa & Alex Gurevich
Heidi Robinson & Tyler Rosengren
Kelsey & Matthew Robinson
Meggan Crum & Scott Schneider
Kate & Alexander Schmitz
Brooke & David Rusenko
Ketut & Sam Shapiro
Michelle Hobson
Corinne & Justin Boggs
Jillian & Matt Hochstetler
Ashley Harris & Jon Fougner
Haley & Eric Nusbaum
NJ Han & Dedalus Hyde
Andrea & Scott Cullerton
Colleen McAree & Brendan Egan
Ingrid Guivar & Ken Shunk
Kendra Bolt and Karl Reichstetter
Bora Chae & John Kim
Sommer Schafer and Felix AuYeung
Melissa & Omar Lari
Sarah & Jason Wilson
Travis Deuel
Heidi & James Newell
Kaitlin & Matthew Stratton
Elena & Bill Solari
Kate Stout
Kristina DePizzol
Jessica & Mookie Siegel
Anna Mitchell
Tabitha Gaffney & Matthew Coyne
Ed Tepporn
Fran & Geoff Link
Greer Rivera
Lori Friedman & Bill Sneed
Steve Hobson
Michelle Gogliucci
Edna Chinn
Kelly & Michelle Coffey
Marit Sivertson & Eric Krussman
Syl Yip & Will Hench
Jules Layman


Charmaine Chow & Saúl Peña
Frannie Pope-Hohman & Robert Hohman
Amy Soper
Gita & Nick Stiritz
April Underwood & Matt Herrero


Robyn & Robb Baer
Talia & Nick Carter
Kate & Philippe Cayanni
Jackie & Michael Crown
Pia DeLeon & William Chuang
Teresa Federer & Peter Levinson
Erin & Patrick Flynn
Allison Funk & Michael Fleischman
Lily & John Harrington
Blythe & Mark Harris
Kate & Erik Larson
Kelly & Martin Lauber
Lisa & Colin le Duc
Francesca & Brian Pokorny
 Theresa & Tom Preston-Werner
Maggie & Daniel Schear
Dorlon & Dylan Simonds
Courtney & Greg Smith
Sally & Jeff Snipes
Legare & Todd Speece
Mika Street & Dan Gluck
Nerine & JC Torres
Gaby Zamudio & Keith Tom

 Jenny Arden & Erik Peña
Janet Barnes & Thomas Weisel
Nimisha Gandhi & Satish Ambati
Allyson Peracca & Michael Strohl
Dilrukshi Perera & Lahiru Weeraratne
Brooke & David Rusenko
Jeannette & Reid Schar
Julie & Tim Van Voris


Whitney & Peter Bardwick
Christa & Alex Gurevich
Alice Nguyen & Alistair Roberts
Kaitlin & Danny Van Acker


Sharon & Henri de Marcellus


Carla Rummo & Paul Williams


Angela Webster

Corporate Partners


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