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The Gather for Good 2024

The Future is Here:

Insights from Disrupters

In an era marked by rapid technological advancements and digital interconnectedness, nurturing our children into compassionate and intelligent humans capable of harnessing the power of artificial and augmented intelligence presents a unique challenge. The questions, fears, and aspirations are endless, and we, as a community of parents and educators, are leaning into learning and leading through change with courage, wisdom, and hope.

Meeting the challenge of our time.

Over 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori responded to the challenges of passivity and authoritarianism by introducing a revolutionary philosophy that disrupted education. She courageously questioned the prevailing view of children as empty vessels. Instead, she recognized children as the leaders of their education, driven by an innately human desire and capacity to learn.

Today, AI poses a similar threat and opportunity.

The dawn of AI provokes weighty questions. Will AI lead to greater passivity and the dulling of the human mind? Or will it lead to unparalleled creativity and growth? While the future feels more opaque than ever, we at Marin Montessori School know the core values and attributes children need to live thoughtful, vibrant lives of purpose, empowered by compassion and agency.

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