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Shree Starkman, Director of Development and Community Engagement


Support MMS

Since its founding six decades ago by a close-knit group of parents and educators, Marin Montessori School has been built in partnership with our parent community. Through this incredible collaboration, MMS has blossomed from a modest single classroom into the esteemed AMI Montessori School we are today.

In the current landscape that’s brimming with new challenges and possibilities, we wholeheartedly welcome your ideas, questions, and support as we venture into the next sixty years. 

After all, when we all pitch in, we build extraordinary things. 

Please join us in this deeply rewarding group project as we provide an education that allows students to explore their interests, learn from mistakes, and embrace the power of iteration—the very skills they’ll need to succeed at whatever lies ahead.

None of this joyful and pivotal work would be possible without the unwavering support of our community. From volunteered hours to donations to our Annual Fund, from the excitement of attending Gather for Good events to the more substantial gifts that secure the future of our transformative education for generations to come—each act is an integral piece of the MMS puzzle. We're united in our passion, dedicated to nurturing our children's growth, and excited to shape a legacy together.

Our school is a testament to the spirit of community MMS families have built brick by brick through their collective effort. There are countless ways to make your mark. We encourage you to explore these pages and discover the avenues that resonate with you.