There are so many great ways to contribute your time and talents to the MMS community and we would love to help you get started!

What we ask of you

Parents are required to volunteer at least 20 hours per family, per year. Please reference the MMS Parent Handbook for detailed information on volunteer requirements.

An important note on volunteering at MMS: We all come to this community with a wide range of talents and experience and would love to contribute what we believe we can specifically offer. Although there are times when professional skills are needed, most often what our school needs most from us is our willingness to show up and do whatever it takes. This means moving chairs, bringing snacks, planning events, coordinating with volunteers, stuffing envelopes, and anything else that might come up. The greatest gift we can give our school to assist our very talented faculty and staff is our time - time to do whatever they need most with a generous spirit!

Community Service

Contact the PA Leadership Team

If you are facing any challenges in getting involved in the opportunities offered, please contact the PA President to talk it through and find a fit. If your interests lie outside of PA activities, we can help get you to the right person!