Thursday Bulletin

Message from Head of School
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dear MMS Community,

In Thomas Friedman's recent piece, "After the Pandemic, a Revolution in Education and Work Awaits," I was struck by this statement: "The most critical role for K-12 educators, therefore, will be to equip young people with the curiosity and passion to be lifelong learners who feel ownership over their education."

Why? Because, " a world where you will change jobs and professions several times, the self-motivation to be a lifelong learner will be paramount."

Friedman acknowledges that "... everyone still needs strong fundamentals in reading and writing and math…" His larger point is that in this rapidly changing, globalized, digitally connected world, children and adolescents most need to be active problem solvers and enthusiastic learners--active pilots in their learning, not passive passengers. This builds the robust habits of mind that will empower them to flourish in their adult futures.

And, this, I am overjoyed to share, is Marin Montessori.

Big cheers,

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