How We Connect

At MMS, we seek to build community with consistent and crisp communication.

We want to be responsive and clear as we also protect the Montessori experience of our students and teachers. If you have any concerns or questions, don't hesitate to contact Terry Dubow, Director of Communications and Story.

We use several tools to keep everyone connected:

  • ParentSquare

    • This tool allows teachers and administrators to communicate directly with families in one searchable and secure place. Parent Square is where families find the dynamic school calendar, photos and announcements from teachers, and more. Even better, families can choose how and how often they receive information. 

    • We also use ParentSquare as our emergency broadcast tool.

  • BigSIS

    • This tool is our enrollment tool as well as the source of truth for all student and family information. Families use BigSIS to fill out forms, pay bills, change addresses, and more. 

    • It is essential that families update their contact information through BigSIS so that we can communicate effectively.

  • Thursday Bulletins

    • Each Thursday afternoon, families receive a newsletter filled with updates, announcements, and reminders. It's essential reading for MMS families. 

    • We send it through Parent Square where we also archive previous editions. 

  • Social Media channels

    • MMS uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo based on these principles:

      • We see social media channels as storytelling tools with extraordinary power as well as undeniable downsides.
      • We want to share MMS with the world while also protecting the sanctity of the Montessori experience and the privacy of the children in our care.
      • We will use social media deliberately and more cautiously than other organizations. We do so on purpose and with children, childhood, and the future in mind.
  • This website
    • While this website largely helps families in the community learn more about MMS, we also use it to house important information for current families.