18 months - 2.5 years


A person does not just happen. 

She does not just grow like a flower.

Maria Montessori

Young brains evolve by moving and doing.

Grasping, self-locomotion, and the physical exploration of the environment all have a dramatic effect on a child's understanding of the physical and social world. Marin Montessori School's Toddler program is designed to target this unique relationship between movement and the mind by inspiring the toddlers to move and "do" toward a constructive end.

Marin Montessori School's Toddler classroom is a rich educational environment full of activities that provide critical stimulation for whole body development. Many of these activities also promote personal independence. From washing hands to watering plants, arranging flowers to preparing and serving snacks, each student is engaged in real-life practical activities that are designed to magnify physical development for this age group.

These activities help the toddler achieve several meaningful goals: development of strong neurological connections for later intellectual work, development of the ability to concentrate and carry out a task in a sequence of steps and development of the capacity to care for oneself and care for the environment.

Sensitivity & Mastery

Children at the Toddler level are particularly sensitive to language, order, and the precision and sequence in which an event occurs. Capitalizing on these sensitivities, teachers use activities to introduce a wide range of vocabulary, emphasize how things are described, provide direction in the steps necessary to successfully complete a task, and allow children to freely choose within an ordered environment.

Toddlers in the program develop a strong sense of self-accomplishment. They learn necessary skills of living and greatly expand their ability to express themselves and describe the world around them.