2.5 to 6 years old


The benefits of a Primary education with Marin Montessori School last a lifetime.

In the first few years, your child’s foundational capacities are shaped: cognitive and social-emotional development, curiosity and creativity, focus and concentration. At MMS, your child learns with expertly trained faculty and alongside supportive peers. In carefully curated environments with natural Montessori materials precisely designed to meet the developmental characteristics and needs of Primary children, their unique potentials, interests, and developmental needs are met at every stage in their growth.

The Primary child's young brain continues to develop rapidly, and authentic Montessori environments are developed accordingly. The connection between the mind and body is still key at this age. To this end, Marin Montessori School's Primary classrooms take strong advantage of sensorial materials to help each child become more independent, learn foundational academic principles, effectively manage his or her emotions to productive ends, and expand intellectually.

What draws your child’s interest and attention? Where do they struggle or shy away? 

Enabling independence

Too many early childhood programs are overstimulating, chaotic, and loud. Instead, at Marin Montessori School, the aesthetics, design, and materials in our Primary classrooms cultivate calm, harmonious, and inspired learning engagement.