2.5 to 6 years old

At MMS, we understand that each child is unique, capable, and motivated from within. 

Our Primary program inspires each student at each age to move along a carefully calibrated sequence of exploration and discovery. 

In the first few years, your child’s foundational capacities are shaped: cognitive and social-emotional development, curiosity and creativity, focus and concentration. At MMS, your child learns with expertly trained faculty and alongside supportive peers. 

They work and grow in carefully curated environments with natural Montessori materials precisely designed to meet the developmental characteristics and needs of Primary children. While students discover their unique potentials and interests, teachers meet their developmental needs at every stage in their growth. 

Our expert faculty employ a deliberate approach to liberate each child’s inherent sense of wonder and purpose based on a handful of crucial principles, namely that:

  • Independence honors curiosity and builds confidence.

  • Choice sustains motivation.

  • Individualized paths of learning celebrate the fact that each child is unique, capable, and motivated from within.

  • Pace and environment should promote focus.

  • Emotional and social understanding can flourish at this developmental moment.