6-12 years old/1st-6th grade


At MMS, we provide an environment and approach that are antidotes to a culture that can rob children of their curiosity, purpose, and empathy.

It’s no secret that our world is changing at a rapid pace, but it may be surprising just how effective the Montessori approach in our Elementary program is at solidifying in students the qualities experts know will be most important for our children’s futures: a passion for learning and problem-solving. 

To get there, students need to be pilots in their education and not just passengers. 

We offer a program that’s ideal for this moment of disruption and possibility.

The Elementary curriculum is vast. While every child learns the essentials (e.g. mathematics, language, science, history, art, etc.), students are not limited by a curriculum for their single grade level. Each child is given time, space, and support to dive deeply into their interests; through this approach, they fall in love with the satisfaction of working hard and learning deeply. 

Students regularly go farther in their learning than might be typical at their grade level. With this experience in the Elementary, MMS students activate their internal mindset of curiosity and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. 

By the end, students have so much of what they need to navigate the rest of their lives in this ever-changing world. 

Our Lower and Upper Elementary Programs offer: 

  • Environments that mirror life. 

  • Fuel for the growing mind.

  • Opportunities that celebrate the Elementary's child’s hunger for justice.

  • Interconnected learning that helps students see the parts and the whole. 

  • An approach that inspires metacognition.

  • An environment that honors the social nature of the elementary child.