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Big Work: Junior High Campus Upgrades

We are excited about the incredible growth of our Junior High program and several exciting improvements this campaign will bring to our St. Vincent's campus

Expanded dining hall and community gathering space with folding wall to create additional classroom spaces + renovated faculty offices

  • Creative and efficient reorganization of the Junior High dining hall will provide flex spaces so that the program can grow to an optimal enrollment
  • Additional classroom spaces will keep class sizes small, allow for improved course scheduling and additional course offerings, and ensure the advisory program and other reflective meetings can take place in private spaces rather than current shared meeting spaces
  • Office renovation will provide ideal spaces for faculty to work with our students and each other

Bay Garden Barn and Creekside Farm upgrades and improvements:

  • Build packing shed space to clean and pack harvest for market and kitchen
  • Renovate barn to create a more functional workspace
  • Create a high-functioning, professional level farm classroom to enable science classes to be held outdoors
  • Add greenhouse and mobile goat pen/habitat

Learn more about the Junior High projects from Anna Yarbrough, Junior High Director/Teacher, and Andy Gaertner, Junior High Farm Manager/Teacher.