Fund-the-Children: In Honor of All Our Kids!

The Fund-the-Children campaign raises money to support tuition relief for Marin Montessori students who are learning, growing, and thriving alongside their peers—your own children. Fund-the-Children vibrantly demonstrates our collective commitment to our diverse, durable and inclusive community. This is a hallmark of a Montessori community at its best.

Shared experiences enrich our lives. More than 100 Primary students will explore the marine environment—and many will spend a night away from home together with their friends and teachers. Day of the Dead celebrations will be organized and honored by Lower Elementary kids. Upper Elementary students will lead the call for world peace and raise funds for underserved communities throughout Marin. And Marin Montessori’s Junior High students will step out into the world via farmer’s markets and innovative school leadership collaborations at places like Stanford University. All in the course of a single year.

Our students, from smallest to tallest, benefit from your generosity. Please help them all share in the vibrancy of our wonderful, unique programs by supporting Fund-the-Children. Bidding increments range from $10,000 to $100. All gifts are well utilized and greatly appreciated.