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Dear Prospective Parents,

Welcome to Marin Montessori School – where the extraordinary happens every day.

Raising children in today’s world can feel daunting one moment and exhilarating the next. Parents need trusted partners as much as children need powerful schools, and I can tell you both as a parent and a school administrator that Marin Montessori offers both in profound ways. 

I’ve spent time in many schools, and while all have their attributes, none matches what I’ve witnessed and experienced here. At Marin Montessori, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, offering an educational experience that empowers them to lead, explore their passions, and dive deep into subjects that ignite their curiosity.

More than that, though, our pedagogy matches both what children naturally crave and what they need to thrive in a fundamentally changed world that rewards those who can concentrate in a sea of distraction, that requires independent thinking more than conformity, and that needs citizens rather than consumers.

Our approach celebrates the diversity of our students' passions and learning styles, providing them with the freedom to go above and beyond because we understand that education isn't one size fits all. 

Our school is built on the foundation of meaningful and relevant learning attained through "uninterrupted work periods.” These periods of deep study allow students the freedom to attain concentration and passion without the constraints of traditional hourly blocks. This promotes a state of productive flow where the joy of learning becomes a lasting part of your child's education.

At Marin Montessori, your child will learn how to challenge themselves, collaborate with peers, and explore their passions. Our multi-age classrooms, natural environments, and opportunities for personal agency create confident, self-reliant students who are able to navigate the challenges of an ever-changing world. 

Get to know us! Inquire now to get started.


 Warm regards,

 Leslie Kastner
 Director of Admissions
 415.924.5388 x 104

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