Why Now?

What an exhilarating and complicated time to raise a child. 

We're in an era rich with possibility and disruption. The world our children will inherit will be materially different from the one we were raised to navigate. The call is clear: to educate our children for their futures, not our pasts.

This moment of disruption is distinct but not unique. During World War II, Dr. Maria Montessori witnessed a different sort of calamitous future for the children of her Italian village, and so she suspended her pursuit of medicine and sought to educate the lost children of Italy.

And what did she find in these children as she observed them carefully? 

  • Each child is unique and driven by innate capabilities and curiosities. 

  • Children naturally seek to understand the world and be independent in it.

  • Children are motivated from within by compassion, an urge to  belong and contribute, and a pursuit of purpose through work. 

  • Children learn best in environments that are carefully prepared and aesthetically inspiring. 

At Marin Montessori, faculty have completed the most rigorous, multi-year AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) teacher training, which means that they are both experts and allies for children and families during this time of wonder and worry.