What People Say about MMS

The best way to learn about us is to listen to those who've spent time on our campus. 

Over the course of more than half a century, hundreds of MMS parents and students have experienced the MMS magic. Students grow into flourishing, talented, and principled adults who carry their MMS education wherever they go. Listen to their stories, and you can hear the MMS legacy in their words and see it in the ways they approach the world.

Blythe, Parent


I think the Junior High is the best kept secret in Marin."

Dan, Parent


There are so many things that my wife and I have completely fallen in love with about this school."

Morgan '12


The classroom environment at MMS makes being a leader natural."

Vice President, Al Gore


Every great movement...has found its critical momentum at the precise moment when the younger generation joined in."

Noorisingh '11


MMS helped me to navigate high school and Yale by teaching me how to take charge."

Matthew '03


From a young age, you're taught to be a leader because you're in a classroom with multiple age groups."

Roman '15 and Maverick '16


MMS teachers are teaching because they love to do it and they love to have fun doing it."