Our Homes

The views are spectacular, but what amazes more is how our spaces inspire our students. 

Beauty is central to Montessori education. At MMS, our classrooms and outdoor spaces are intentionally prepared to meet the needs of children in a specific age range. 

Our Corte Madera campus has vistas overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Our toddler through 6th grade students spend their days in gardens and classrooms, beaches and patios. Each space gives them a chance to explore, learn, and grow.

Using Dr. Montessori’s approach, we use our environments to help students deepen their understanding of the world around them -- whether in science, math, language, art, or music.

Our Junior High students spend their days on the grounds of the 900 acres of agricultural land in San Rafael. Their campus includes a working farm that they oversee. 

Dr. Montessori understood that children are naturally curious and use what is available to them to pursue their interests. As they engage in their natural and prepared environments, they can learn through their own experience and at their own pace. 

That’s why our homes are almost magical in their charm and beauty.