Our Faculty and Staff

MMS is a school with two beating hearts. 

The first: our inspired and inspiring students who grow in ways that make us so proud and remind us daily of why we do what we do. 

The second: our faculty and staff, who dedicate their lives and invest their time and talent into their craft. We call ourselves “The Crew” because we believe powerfully that we are all in this together and that we all row in the same direction.

Our teachers are also experts and allies. Their AMI certification means they have undergone the most rigorous Montessori training available. They bring to their work a profound understanding of child and adolescent development and expertise in Montessori philosophy and teaching practices.

They also bring a commitment to allying with families in the great project of caring for children and adolescents. 

These two hearts make for a lively and healthy school. We invite you to get to know us as you envision the next steps for your children.


The Crew