I am capable, and innately curious.
Give me the tools, environment and direction to become me.

Marin Montessori School serves children aged 18 months to 15 years. We encourage every child to discover his individual potential so that he can contribute to and thrive in a better world.

Montessori programs occur in three-year increments. These mixed-aged classrooms are rich with developmentally appropriate materials, teaching methods and individualized instruction. Intellectually rigorous, yet reassuringly nurturing, our programs are carefully designed to help each child successfully make the journey from wonder-filled childhood to self-assured, optimistic adulthood.



At Marin Montessori School, every classroom environment comes alive with a broad set of sensorial materials that can be manipulated in order to teach particular concepts. In contrast to more traditional teaching environments, children do not learn through passive reception of information, they learn by doing. Every child uses educational materials to develop skills of perception, reasoning, judgment, and intellect. Because each child is actively engaged along these many dimensions, she has the opportunity to progress in the way that she learns best.

In addition, abstract concepts are made concrete through physical manipulation of the materials, so that more difficult, intangible ideas are more easily understood. For example, the concept of cubed numbers is readily grasped by our children because they can interact with physical math materials that make the abstract idea tangible.