MMS Trustee Selection

The trustee selection process begins each fall by identifying the anticipated needs of the Board over the next three years. By comparing the emerging strategic objectives with the remaining tenure of current trustees, the Committee on Trustees ("COT") creates a list of the skills, experience and qualities it would hope to attract onto the Board.

The COT solicits nominations for new trustees from the administration, faculty, Board, and directly from the parent body through a formal nomination form. All nominations are collected by the COT and organized into a preliminary pool of candidates which is reviewed by the COT and the Executive Committee of the Board.

The COT meets with target candidates to explore their interest and availability in serving as a trustee. The candidates are vetted into a final slate which is presented to the full Board for approval as a whole by the end of the school year. It should be noted that throughout this process, the COT is actively pursuing qualified candidates to volunteer their valuable time and energy, and deeply appreciates those willing to dedicate their efforts to the school through their service as a trustee.

Please contact , COT Chair, for further information.

2013-2014 Board Members
Glenn Hopkins
Vice President
Holly Scheetz
Tim Ariowitsch
Steve Crane
Andy Arenberg
Nellie Draganic
Sarah Fordney
Chris Jones
Alice Nguyen
Dylan Simonds
Payton Stiewe
Taylor Walker